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We have a full service team of specialists from interior & exterior home cleaners, commercial cleaners, window cleaners and a full service facilities maintenance team helping clients of all shapes and sizes.

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Comval strives to provide level of top quality service that’s unmatched in the industry, allowing our customers to know that we will meet their needs & requirements until they’re satisfied. We’ll take care of the dirty work!

  1. Our cleaning technicians use top-of-the-line, professional equipment
  2. Our cleaning technicians use tested and proven cleaning products
  3. Our cleaning technicians are trained in the best cleaning techniques
  4. Our cleaning technicians are friendly, professional and uniformed
  5. We’re insured for your protection
  6. We’re always finding ways to improve our services
  7. We’re a phone call (or text) away and are always happy to help
  8. You can schedule service in less than 60 seconds
  9. We have a 24-Hour Clean Warranty

The Comval® Program goes deeper to create cleaner, healthier environments.

Comval Health-Based Cleaning System

Kills and removes harmful germs.


Eliminates soil.


A clean that improves air quality.


A clean you can always trust.


Leading Through Innovation

Enabling What’s Next

At Comval, we believe there is always a better way.
We seek out opportunities, encourage change and cultivate success.
Our people are passionate individuals who solve problems through diverse ways of thinking
and innovation to create places that work now and for the future.


One of Comval’s core values, Living Sustainably, focuses on integrating social and environmental responsibility into all of our operations. This value, combined with our dedication to integrity, a culture of caring and a passion for innovation, drives our commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility are at the heart of everything we do

Comval continues to be an industry role model in sustainable operating practices and portfolio strategy in the provision of Facility Management Services. We are an organization that cares about the communities we operate in, the clients we serve, and the people and vendors we engage with.


At Comval, we believe sustainable operating practices are vital to assist the global effort to mitigate climate change. We work hard to implement technologies and programs throughout our business that promote environmental awareness, reduce resource consumption and drive significant cost reductions in our clients’ real estate portfolios. We act as advocates to protect and preserve the environment, both in our services to clients and in our own operations.


The Right People and Equipment For The Job

For some cleaning tasks only a specialist will do. Whether the job needs specialist equipment, techniques or personnel, there is nothing that phases Comval’s specialist cleaning team.

Our experienced specialists use the most innovative and proven techniques, products and equipment to ensure we deliver the high standards you expect from Comval.

Available specialist cleaning services include:

  1. Window cleaning: traditional and water fed poles
  2. Carpet cleaning: wall-to-wall commercial deep cleans
  3. Winter gritting: protects against unnecessary downtime and loss of business
  4. High-level and difficult-access cleaning: abseiling, harness and platform industrial cleaning
  5. External cladding cleaning: to fascia, canopies, exterior walls
  6. High-pressure cleaning: jet washing and steam cleaning of any surface type
  7. Graffiti and gum removal: internal and external removal from all types of surfaces
  8. Kitchen hygiene deep cleans: commercial, industrial and retail
  9. Internal kitchen ventilation duct cleaning: to meet TR19 fire insurance regulations
  10. Floor restorations: diamond polishing/grinding of terrazzo, marble and concrete
  11. Strip and seals: maintenance/rejuvenation of sealed surfaces and sanding of wooden floors
  12. Builder’s cleans: to prepare all building projects for sale prior to a sparkle clean
  13. Sparkle cleans: in preparation for customer handover on industrial commercial and retail developments
  14. Escalator cleaning: highly specialised cleaning of internal and external escalators.
  15. Refrigeration cabinet cleaning
  16. Reactive/incident cleaning: bodily fluids, sharps, drugs, flood/fire damage, cleaning after vagrant abuse