Data Governance

Your data is unique. Your privacy is valuable. Here's what we do to protect them…

Cutting-edge security protects your data
Our proactive, offensive security eliminates threats—before alerts are ever triggered

Comval is heavily focused on GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA compliance. We constantly improve our security to go above and beyond compliance standards.

Security scanning tools help our engineers incorporate security throughout our product development lifecycle. We build in-house tools to scan code, scan infrastructure, and automatically detect anomalous activity.

We continuously attempt to hack our own systems. Offensive engagement allows us to find and correct vulnerabilities faster than they can be exploited by malicious parties.

How we go beyond what’s expected of modern security
Alerts aren’t enough. We use state-of-the-art techniques to stay ahead of hackers.

Information classification
All our data is classified and restricted, which lets us prioritize the most sensitive information. Single-tenancy architecture means that each person’s data is kept separate from everyone else’s. Along with secure, world-class data centers, this data separation helps keep your data secure.

Authentication and access security
Personnel have the exact level of access required, and user access is regularly audited to ensure data protection. Data access is protected by multi-factor authentication, password control, keys, and other best practices.

Our developers consider security from day one. We consider common security flaws and exploit techniques at the beginning of our SDLC

Developers use embedded security scanning tools in their deployment process. Static code analysis and open-source package management let us flag potential issues or vulnerabilities.