Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We want to provide the best employee experience in the cleaning and facilities management sector. That means making Comval a place where everyone feels safe, welcomed, valued, and empowered to do their best work without compromising who they are.

Comval pledges to honour equal pay for all employees, regardless of factors such as gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, age, race, or ethnicity.

Through measurable actions, beginning with annual Pay Assessments, we aim to address and eliminate existing pay gaps within the organization.

Becoming allies for diversity

Real connection begins with learning about each other. Through our partners, we seek to learn and address the challenges faced by underrepresented groups Maori, Pacifica and Disabled communities. Their support also increases our pipeline of diverse talent, provides an opportunity to expand our network, and helps our leaders build diverse teams where everyone feels engaged and included.

A culture built on inclusion

At Comval, we consider diversity and inclusivity throughout the employee lifecycle—from a prospective employee’s first point of contact, throughout the recruitment process, and well after hiring.

Accessible Recruitment Process

Throughout the hiring process, we ask candidates to raise any need for accommodation to help eliminate barriers to success and to keep our career opportunities accessible to all.

Comval Referral Program

We make a donation to a charitable organization for every successful hire of a referral who self-identifies as a member of an underrepresented group. This aims to inspire diversity within Comval, and better reflect the communities and customers we serve.

Inclusive Learning

We provide standardized learning programs globally to create a fair and equitable employee experience - starting from your hiring process.

Balancing work and well-being

We’re wild about our health and wellness initiatives, and we know our people are wild about them too. Through these, we hope to create a safe space where employees can come exactly as they are and find the support they need to thrive in and out of the workplace.

Paving the way to understanding with dialogue

When it comes to DE&I in the workplace, we foster a culture of belonging through conversations that deepen our understanding of diverse experiences.