Local Stakeholder Engagement

We execute programs that focus on minimising these disruptions to our communities, and employ qualified and experienced stakeholder and community relations professionals, who act as the conduit between the communities and the project teams.

Our Community Engagement Managers actively engage local community groups and stakeholders (including local residents, property and business owners, and transport users) to provide timely and adequate notification of planned on-site activities, key dates for the commencement and conclusion of on-site activities, associated impacts on stakeholders and the community, and our strategy for minimising those impacts.

This includes coordinating and facilitating meetings and forums, taking part in education presentations and community engagement events, and sharing information and materials that ensure our communities are fully informed about the impact of our activities, and our projects’ objectives, benefits and expected outcomes.

We also proactively look for opportunities to improve local communities and leave a positive legacy. Our people are the thought leaders of their industries, so one of the most valuable commodities we can give our communities is our knowledge and experience.